Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today was a perfect day spent with our boys.  Perfect.  We took them to Elitch Gardens 6 Flags here in Denver. The boys had earned free tickets from the library for the summer reading program.  We've been waiting all summer to use them, and today was a great day to do so.  The park wasn't busy. It was a perfect 82 degrees with a slight wind.  We arrived as soon as the park opened, walked right in and rode rides all day long.  7 hours.  The boys were awesome.  No whining.  No complaining.  Lots of laughing and smiling and hand holding and shrieks of laughter.  From all of us.  We rode every ride the boys wanted to ride.  They were both just tall enough for rides that appealed to them.  They were kind to each other and on their very best behavior.  It truly was a perfect, perfect day.

And yet, there, in the back of mine and Shawn's heads, was the memory from 9 years ago.  The 4 planes that went down. The lives lost. The innocence lost.  The day our country changed forever.  A time before we had kids - we'd only been married 6 weeks.  The day fear became so much more prevalent, and lives were torn apart.  We will never forget.  And soon, in the next few years, the boys will understand the significance of this day.  But I'm sure like perhaps Pearl Harbor or the Vietnam war to us, it will be more of an anecdote than a memory that is full of meaning and sorrow.  It will be up to us to help them to understand, and to never forget.

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