Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Jackson's first lost tooth popped out yesterday morning.  Literally.  He said "mommmy look how loose my tooth is!" and then it popped onto the rug.  The grin that spread on his face was indescribable.  Shock.  Joy.  Giddiness.  His grown up tooth was already growing in behind it, so it has already taken its rightful place in his big, grinny mouth.

The toothfairy came for a visit.  She left a sweet, glittery note and a fiver.  Jackson got to use his toothfairy pillow I made a few months ago, from one of his favorite shirts as a baby.  Love seeing that pillow on his bed every morning.  Love seeing that sweet little grin every morning, too.

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Kay (carsonsmommy) said...

Evan lost his first tooth just a few weeks ago, too. He was thrilled. Funny to see Jackson with a gap in the front, as well. But they are only 11 days apart, after all ...