Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm not sure how that happened.  But somehow along the way you turned four.  It has gone by in a blink!  Holden Charles at the age of four you are an absolute delight to all who know and love you.  You are caring and sweet and easy going.  You are quick with a smile, and have even been described as a "class clown" by your preschool teacher, Ms. Char.  You love to just be with your Mommy.  You love to have your Daddy tickle you.  You love playing games and legos and Wii with your brother.  You have sweet friends who you love to play with, and who you rarely fight with.  You don't love going to school, but once you are there you have a blast and are as smart as a whip.  You like to draw and play games and imagine you are a superhero.  You will sleep in if the household lets you.  You would rather do just about anything but eat.  You are not a fan of food.  You'll grow out of this, I'm sure.  You are my baby.  Always and forever.  The day you were born you changed our world for the better.  Your birth was scary and emotional and I remember thinking as they wheeled me to the operating room to get you out: "please let him live. please let him live. please let him live." And you did.  You live life fully every day of your life.  All four years of it.  Thank you for the joy and love and laughter you bring to our lives my sweet, rock'n little man. 

Happy Birthday Holden Charles.  We love you.  To the moon and back.


Pikette said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! How did four years go by already????!!!:) Hope the day is super sweet and fun!
Love, The Pike Clan

jimbroome said...

Way to go, Holden!
Happy Birthday!