Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Do It

I have a million things to update.  My (ahhhh-mazing trip to Seattle for photographs & friendship).  My husband's ahhh-mazing job as a stay at home daddy for 4 days without relief.  The boys' ongoing school activities including Holden's newest song from school entitled "Quality Friends."  Jackson waking up at 6am just so he can read The Magic Treehouse books.  My crazy work schedule (which I'm beyond blessed and excited to have).  My husband who keeps tackling far more house-type-duties than most men I know and yet still works his full time 8-5 gig.  SOOOO much.  Yet the one thing I have to share is a cutie-pie comment from Holden this morning.

I was interviewing a wonderful lady who is going to help me with some of the housecleaning duties during my busy months work-wise.  I already love her and she hasn't even started.   She came over this morning to give me an estimate and when she left I gleefully hugged Holden and said "that wonderful lady is going to clean our house for us!"  His response?  "You could just do it yourself."  Thanks for the reality check Holden.  (but I'm still having her come in and clean my house for me)

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