Monday, December 06, 2010

My boo-bear

We are very, very fortunate to have healthy children.  That was very much brought home to me after our friends' daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago (note: after treatment over the past 2 years she's now 100% healthy - hooray!!).  It sunk in, during that time, how a simple cold or even a bought of croup was nothing compared to what they went through with Kyra's illness.  My blessings were counted over and over and over...and I continue to do so.

That being said, that doesn't mean it isn't hard when one of the kids is sick or isn't functioning 100%.  Case-in-point: my boo-bear Holden.  He innocently went into his 4 year well-check appointment a few weeks ago and walked out with 2 appointments with two different doctors, 2 new medications, and a possible 3rd specialist in the wings.  Oh yeah, and 4 vaccinations - ouch!  We're working to fix some digestive issues that have plagued him for a long, long time.  It doesn't help that he's barely on the growth charts for his weight and eats very little food.  This has not been fun to cope with, digestive wise, and I feel for him as he struggles with it at such a young age.  And then there are his teeth - his dentist pointed out that they are wearing away and chipping and blamed it on acid reflux.  What???  Fortunately a trip to his pediatrician and a pediatric dentist proved that he simply chipped his front teeth somehow and the alarm that he was dealing with another digestive problem was put to rest.  Then he failed is vision test.  Not a big deal. I thought he was just being squirrely and not wanting to cooperate.  After 2 hours with the pediatric opthamologist today those suspicions were confirmed-  his vision is perfectly fine and he was being, well, 4 the day of his first appointment.  It wouldn't have been a big deal had he needed lenses, but with all the doctor visits in the last 2 weeks I'm just glad he's in the clear for most of the "hysteria."  He's 4, not 94.  I'm thankful, obviously, that overall his health is great.  We'll manage the tummy-troubles, and if possible, I'll be able to keep him clear of any doctor visits for a long, long while.   Oh and his eczema is acting up, too.  Yeah, that doesn't seem like such a big deal any more...

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