Tuesday, January 18, 2011

365 - 1/18/11

January 18, 2011
Today Holden asked me if he could go in the new studio. I took away one of the boys' play spaces when I commandeered our extra bedroom for the new studio.  Don't fret for them, they still have a playroom and a basement so I'm not too worried that they are huddling in a dark corner with no place to play.  However, it WAS their space originally, so I had to set some new rules when I put all the equipment in there.  Basically the new rule was "STAY OUT!"  And you know what? They have. They only go in there if I need them to "pose" for me.  They haven't even been curious.  Even one of my girlfriends said I would probably need a lock on the door to keep them out, but it hasn't been necessary.  My boys don't listen to every word the exits my bossy mouth, but they heeded my words on the studio and that makes me happy and proud.  It is the little things in parenting that make ya smile, ya know?!

Anyway, today he asked to go into the room and asked me to take some shots of him. Now that is something else altogether.  They NEVER ask me to take their pictures because I do it ALL THE TIME, and they are relatively sick of having lenses in their faces all the time.  But with them I take snapshots, not portraits -- I don't think about composition or lighting or setting my white balance with them.  I just snap.  Sometimes I get fabulous portraits, sometimes I get not-so-fabulous pictures.  But today's mini-session was purposeful. I used lights. And a reflector. And props.  And set my white balance.  And we had fun!  The above isn't the best shot of the day - I'll put those up on the photography blog - but it was one of my favorites.  Nope, his face isn't even showing very much, but something about it just made me smile so I kept it.  To me that's what I want to capture in my clients, too.  That "thing" that just makes me smile.  My little man does that for me a lot.  I pretty much love that about him.

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