Sunday, February 20, 2011

365 - 2-20-11

February 20, 2011
Baby No More
This kid is at a sleepover tonight.  He's about to turn 7 in a couple more months.  He's smart as a whip.  He reads chapter books with no pictures.  He rushes through his math homework.  He still sleeps with the same three blankets we swaddled him with when he was but a babe in arms.  He is vigilant about tooth brushing, making sure he's fed his fish Firewater, and playing the Wii.  He follows the rules to a T, unless he's at home and then he turns into a completely different kid (sigh).  I know he's being good on his overnight playdate. I know he's being polite. I also know he's being shy.  And maybe a little bit unsure of things.  And maybe missing us, just a touch.  He's having THE best time with his friend Andrew.  I also know tomorrow when he comes home he's likely to have a meltdown because he's tired and overstimulated.  But most of all I know I love him to the moon and back. He's the baby we wanted so desperately 8 years ago this time. He's one of the three greatest loves of my life.  He's one of two human beings that I loved at first sight.  He means everything to me.  He's my Jackson James.

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