Saturday, February 19, 2011

365 - 2/19/11

February 19, 2011
Post-Donut Hike
Today the idea of a fresh box of one dozen donuts was too tempting to resist.  We indulged.  We OVER-indulged (have I mentioned I've majorly (majorly) cut back on my sugar in take in the last 3 months - like 15g or less a day, so the likely 75g I consumed this morning really sent me into a sugar-coma!?!?!).  So to combat the sugar, and because it was an absolutely gorgeous 65d today, the whole family set out for a little hike on the Ridgeline trail.  Shawn's ridden it a few times on his bike but the boys and I hadn't tried it out.  It is literally tucked just behind our housing area so it was an easy destination.  It felt absolutely lovely to be out of doors, in the fresh air.  There were a few muddy spots from recent snows but overall it was simply perfect. The boys were really really good and seemed to have a great time, and I think we just enjoyed being in their company outside again.  We've felt (I'VE FELT) really cooped up this season.  Loving the post-donut hike and hope we'll do it again soon (the hike, not the donuts)!


Erin Michelle said...

Great pics! I don't eat sugar either, but I MISS donuts so much! =)

Kay (carsonsmommy) said...

Jackson's yoga poses slay me!

Tales from the Crib said...

sugar is evil (but I still heart it big time)!!

Hi Kay!!