Wednesday, February 02, 2011

365 - 2/2/11

February 2, 2011
Today's Vintage Find
Holden, February 2008.  Gads, such an adorable little squirt.  And honestly he still looks exactly the same, maybe a tad leaner.  And as sweet now as he was then.  Holden is our "yes man."  We don't get a whole lot of argument from him on things.  Whining? yes. Arguments? no. He's been that way since day one.  He's an all around affable, easy-going kid, and always has been.  I think we're in for it when he hits the teenage years.  Then I'll really be wishing for some vintage-pictures!

I do promise to get back to some 365 portraits.  We're snowed in here and I should have had plenty of time for picture taking.  More to come.  In the mean time I'm giddy with excitement because my niece Chloe is arriving on Saturday.  Can hardly wait!  Both of my boys came on their own schedules so the idea of knowing your delivery date makes me a wee bit jealous.  I mean, I don't envy Kimi's high blood pressure - I had it with Jackson and all the needles and blood pressure checks and worry and bedrest were not fun - but the boys still came on their own schedules and that anticipation of waiting was agonizing.  To have a date on a calendar at least puts you in a place of "knowing." But I guess we just go with what Mother Nature (or our OB) has up their sleeve! And for that we know that Chloe is set for arrival sometime Saturday or possibly early Sunday, I guess, depending on how the induction goes.  I'm so so so excited for Kimi and Robert.  This baby has been a long time anticipated and an all around joyous time to watch unfold for them.  I'll be off to visit a month from tomorrow - going on my own so I can have loads of solo time with my sister and the babe - and I can hardly, hardly wait.  A whole new world is opening up to her, and I know she's going to be one amazing Mama.  Chloe is a very, very lucky gal!

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Kimi said...

You just made me tear up a little! Love you!