Wednesday, February 23, 2011

365 - 2/23/11

February 23, 2011
About once a month I get the itch to do something to the house.  While my focus has definitely turned from house-stuff to my photography business, and of course our crazy-wild-on-the-go-boys, I still love a good house project.  I've been eyeing what I consider to be our ugly-builder-grade chandelier for almost 2 years now.  It was a fake bronzy color that doesn't even belong in a tanning booth.  U-G-L-Y!  I toyed with doing a safe black or nickel, and then thought, what they hay, let's paint it green!  If I hate it I can either repaint it or get a new one.  I didn't even take the chandelier down - I painted it while it hung from the ceiling. I paid for three bottles of crafters paint - .29c each, and a couple of sponge brushes - $2 worth of supplies!  It took 3 coats, which I then proceeded to distress with a sandpaper block.  I covered the table with an old sheet so we wouldn't be eating paint dust for the next year.  It really was a super easy project.

At first I wasn't so sure about the color, but after I distressed it a bit I'm in love with it! It definitely "pops!" and really highlights the dining room.  It adds to the "vintage-modern" (my words) look I'm going for in our home.  Living in suburbia there are dozens of our house model out there, so I feel pretty strongly about trying to make it unique and different.  I channel our 1932 Seattle house frequently, as that is the vibe I'd like to continue on this house.  Harder to do since this house was built in a very modern 2001.  But I'm working it as best I can.  Relaxed. Comfortable.  Vintage. But still with some sparkle and sass (no light sabers near my mercury glass collection puuu-leeeze!!)!

I think everyone deserves a home they love to be in.  I truly, absolutely do love our house.  I say it at least once a week to Shawn.  I love it.  It is our forever house and it will forever be undergoing some kind of transformation, big or small.  Next up on my list - board and batten (have to talk Shawn into that one still)!

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