Sunday, February 06, 2011

365 - 2/6/11

February 6, 2011
Chloe, Day 2
I can't help myself. I have to post another picture of Chloe.  I'm dying that I can't be there to snuggle her or hug my sister.  Something about my baby sister having a baby is really touching me. I can remember Kimi as a little girl with her long swinging, white-blonde pony tail and coke bottle glasses.  We fought like cats and dogs, she, Debbie and me.  But we also had the best time playing Barbies and swimming in Dad's pool and talking at night after lights were out.  I don't know if she remembers it but I remember I used to tell her stories to help her fall asleep at night.  I'd make up fairy tales about princesses and castles.  And then the next day while we waited for our ride home from Murfee I would quiz her to see how well she was paying attention to my story telling.  I also remember her talking in her sleep one night, she must have been about five, and she had just learned to spell her name.  She kept saying "K.I.M. spells Kim" over and over.  And now look at her, she's a Mama!  I'm beside myself with joy for them.

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