Tuesday, March 08, 2011

365 - 3/8/11

I am back from my trip to Texas to meet this cutie-patootie.  Isn't she lovely?!?!  I am blessed with 6 gorgeous nieces (and one handsome nephew), Chloe being the youngest.  Seeing my sister as a mommy was breathtaking.  She has it all under control - I remember being a mess after my first was born.  But not Kimi.  She was made for mommyhood.  She has wanted a baby for awhile now and this little one does not disappoint.  She is sweet and gentle and perfect.

I have been having a bit of a baby bug for awhile now.  Not that I could do anything about it, we, um, took care of business a few years ago, so no more babies for us.  But that doesn't mean that my heart wouldn't yearn for another.  And as much as I adored Chloe, and how easy of a baby she is, I realized on this trip that I'm definitely good with my two boys.  Babies are a LOT of work.  Ya know? You kind of forget that.  And we're in a place now where there is a certain amount of independence in each of our boys, which means I can focus on my career a little bit more.  And honestly, my photography business is a bit of a toddler right now.  We're making big steps together, but it still needs hand holding and nurturing - quite a bit like a baby.

So Miss Chloe... thank you for letting me snuggle you and feed you and play with you and sing to you.  And for being a perfectly lovely little niece.  You are dear to my heart, as is my sister and the rest of her family.  But I'm good on the baby front.

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