Wednesday, March 09, 2011

365 - 3/9/11

Growing up we shared a room most of our youth.  We fought over the top bunk and closet space and shared shoes.  At night I would tell her stories and quiz her about them the next day as we waited for our ride home from school.  In our teens we ignored each other as much as possible.  I was jealous of her athleticism and size 2 figure.  I doubt she was jealous of me for anything.  We both had convertible Mercury Capri's - mine was red, hers was white (maybe she was jealous of my red car).  When I left for college (which was just 70 blocks from home) she whined to Mom that I probably wouldn't even miss her.  When she left for college (100's of miles away), I helped mover her across the state and whined that she got the TV from our old bedroom.

Now she's a mom.  A mommy.  And a really, really good mommy at that.  At 4 weeks post-partum I was a walking zombie.  At 4 weeks post-partum she laughs and stays up until 11:30 at night.  I struggled with nursing my first baby, and though I stuck with it I found it challenging and stressful in the beginning.  She quickly made the decision that nursing wasn't for her, but pumps every single bottle for her baby girl.  That's dedication and love.  Her baby sleeps in the same bed my two boys slept in.  I sighed when I saw it - it took me back.  I cried when I got off the plane and saw her standing there - already fitting into her post-pregnancy jeans, with a pink and brown stroller and a sweet little bundle of cuteness quietly snoozing.   She adores her daughter.  Absolute adoration.

I loved our brief few days together.  We laughed and played and talked and laughed some more.  I loved seeing she and Robert with their newborn baby girl.  There's all kinds of love going on there, be certain of that.  We got mani's and pedi's (me and Kim, not Robert).  We went out to lunch.  She got a haircut.  I bought a new shirt.  I cuddled that sweet newborn as much as I could.  We posed Chloe for multiple photosessions.  And on the last day we realized we forgot to take a picture of us together with Chloe.  We set the timer and snapped this shot -- Robert was already at work.  I'll treasure it.  Just like I treasure her.


Kimi said...

Why do you have to make me cry? xoxoxo

Tales from the Crib said...

you started it! :-P