Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey, guess what? This is my 876th post! That's CRAZY!

Anyway, this is another post about Karate.  If you are sick of reading about me talking about Karate, then move on to your next blog.  But since I think I have 3 people who read my blog on a consistent basis, and they all share my same blood line, I'll go on.

Today Jackson did his first Karate belt test.  In a word - awesome!  I didn't expect to be so moved by the experience, but I was.  Here's what gets me.  My kid is 6 years old.  His Sensei is speaking to him in a combination of English and Japanese, and my son responds to his Sensei's words.  I have NO IDEA what Sensei Swain was saying, but Jackson did.  Sensei said something, Jackson responded with appropriate actions and words.  It was so freaking cool!  It was, dare I say it, powerful.

Here's the thing - all the things my son knows to date are things I know.  He has "fact power" at school (meaning he knows all his math facts), which as a 37 year old woman, so do I.  I know the amount of geography he knows.  The spelling he knows.  Art and music, I can keep up.  Science, sure, I can swing that.  I even know how to belay down a climbing wall like he does (though I confess, he's far better at it than I am).  Not major feats - I SHOULD know all the things my 6 year old does, cause, you know, I have 31 years on him and I completed the first grade with flying colors 30 years ago.  But you know what I don't know? Shotakan Karate.  Know who does know it? My 6 year old.  That's wild!  I doubt I'm expressing myself the way I want to, or the way my brain wrapped around today's experience, but the word that comes to mind is powerful.  I see so much potential in my boys, and to see it happening before my very eyes just brings me to tears.  And yes, I teared up, sue me.  My boy rocked it!

Oh yeah, and woo-hoo, 876!


Pikette said...

Make that four people!:) I check up on you everyday, girlie! Your boy is so amazing. Yay for Jackson!


Adam said...

I'm five! I read you almost every day. I feel creepy now.

ECHeasley said...

6 - weekly at anyways :)

Leah said good morning to me in Mandarin the other morning. I was blown away once I figured out what she was saying. Who knew she was actually learning something with all those scribble sheets she comes home with.

Kimi said...

I am thinking I am included in the first 3, but not sure. I love to hear all about my awesome nephews and nieces and their talents. It is so cool!

Tales from the Crib said...

Well heck, that's fun to see! Hi to all of ya'll (I'm just back from Texas so I'm allowed to say ya'll for at least 3 more days until I work the Texas out of me)!!