Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a conversation at dinner

It's no secret that Holden is the pickiest eater on the planet. He refuses to eat dinner approximately 5 nights out of 7.  I'm trying to put my foot  down on this and NOT be a short order cook.  Eat what I cook or don't eat at all.  I do put out something I know he'll like with each meal - strawberries, apples, something like that.  Often that is all he eats.  Tonight I'll claim a small victory in that he didn't just try his homemade talapia fish sticks, he actually ate 3 bites (after I told him it was a dinosaur - it did look like one).

ANYWAY, so he's not eating anything but his berries at first.  So the conversation goes:

me: Holden are you going to be a vegetarian?
H: What?
me: Who knows what a vegetarian is?
J: ME! It's a doctor for animals!
Shawn and I bust out laughing but try to hide that laugh so Jackson won't think we're making fun of him.
me: No, close, a veteranarian is a doctor for animals, a vegetarian is someone who doesn't eat meet.  So are you going to be a vegetarian Holden?
H: No, I'm going to be a teacher.
More of Shawn and I trying to disguise our full on gut busting.  Best. Dinner. Conversation. Ever.

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