Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm back

...from Texas.  8 hours there, 8 hours back, 3 full days in between.  It was about 85% fun, 15% dealing with cranky, moody, tantrumy boys, and 100% food.  I'm afraid to get on the scale.  Abuelo's. Rise and Shine Donuts.  82nd Street Cafe. Spoonful FroYo. Dion's. Rosa's. Jason's Deli (ok, we have those here, but I never go, so I count is as a treat).  And of all things, Brian's steakhouse, which apparently has been in Lubbock for like 325 years or something and I never ever heard of it or have eaten there or even noticed it on 50th street, but oh boy, I will not lie when I say I had the best chicken fried steak I've had in 15 years (and actually, now that I think about it, probably the first chicken fried steak I've had in 15 years)!  It was divine -- and complete with loaded potato, salad bar - Texas style (that means it had iceberg lettuce, croutons, beets, fried okra, hush puppies, nachos, ranch dressing and cheese), and of course Texas toast.  I'm not joking when I say my pants were t.i.g.h.t. beyond belief by today's drive home. I may have to fast the next week or so.  Or not.

But beyond food, which in my family is sort of like a religion, we did a lot of hang'n around, watching the kids play and laugh and fight and play some more.  It was really laid back and easy going.  The tantrums, well, I don't go into too much in this here blog about my eldest son's tantrums.  They are epic.  They are also something we've dealt with for 6 years now and even though I sort of know to expect them when he is in a changed environment, it still stresses me out and makes me angry and sad and overwhelmed and embarrassed all at the same time.  Because I know that he is an awesome, amazing, smart, loving kid, and it is hard when this side of him comes out and I don't know how to bring him down.  And it seems to come out the most when we are around family (naturally).  But I'm lucky to have a caring, supportive family, and they do love him dearly -both of them - despite tantrums and tears.  I just sort of have this secret hope that one day I'll get through a family visit tantrum-free, ya know??  A Mama can dream...

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