Monday, April 04, 2011

365 - 4/4/11

Makes my heart crazy-happy that my two boys have a gaggle of cousins that they love to be with and play with and hang out with, whenever we can make it happen.  Growing up I had a lot of cousins myself, and practically grew up just down the street from two of my cousins , Ryan and Jordan.  If I ever came close to knowing what it would have been like to have brothers it would be through those boys.  They were part of my every day world for most of my youth.  Now Debbie has 3 girls and I have the 2 boys, and Kimi's got her new baby girl and her beautiful say my boys are outnumbered on my side of the family is an understatement.  But they don't care.  They have the best time with their cousins, and it takes me way way back to my own childhood with my two favorite cousins.  And it makes me smile. Big time.

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