Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bad blogger, bad!

I obviously have been beyond negligent.  It is apathy, pure and simple.  And the fact that my hobby has become a job and in that time I don't take nearly as many pictures of my boys as I used to.  The last pictures I took of them are Holden with the firetruck and the boys in Texas.  I need to find that balance.  If there's any Mama out there who's figured that out, call me, k?  Never mind, don't call because I never hear my phone.  The curse of a cell phone existence is that you don't have a phone in every room of your house (remember when that was like the ultimate in luxury??!).  Oh wait, maybe that's not a curse.  Sounds more like a blessing.  I'm just not a phone person.  Don't like it.  Don't like to talk on it.  I'm an emailer.  Want to reach me? Email me.  Or Text me.  But don't expect elaborate texts back because my cell is from 1982 and is really a pain in the ass to text from.  I'm kidding, I didn't have my own cell phone until 2001.  Hey, 10 years - yay for cell phones!

Ok, so where is this little odd post going?  I dunno.  The boys are both at school and I had a meeting get cancelled so I'm literally sitting in my incredibly quiet empty house all by myself with my feet up on the ottoman.  It is SUCH a weird feeling.  I'm not even trying to work or do house stuff or cleaning or whatever else I'm supposed to do as a full-time-Mama-part-time-photographer-full-time-homemaker.  My head is buzzing with all that is going on and yet I sit here.... This month I'm working with the fundraiser group at Jackson's school for their big silent auction event.  Lovely working with such dedicated, hard-working women who want the best for our awesome school.  Yeah, I said awesome - cause it is.  I'm hosting a mini-social-networking event at our house on Thursday.  Need to prepare noshies and figure out my own presentation.  Next week I'm shooting a larger networking group.  I'm trying to of course drum up ever-more clients who want me to photograph them in cool settings like meadows, parks, and rustic urban areas, and rescheduling those that have been tossed aside the past few months because of our wackety-wack weather here in Colorado.  I'm also trying to cook at least 1 decent meal a day that my youngest son will inevitably complain about without even seeing/smelling/tasting.  I made Gnocchi last night!  Yes, from a bag but everyone loved it.  Except Holden, who proclaimed it was "not good" without - you guessed it - tasting it.  I'm trying to keep our house clean because with the weather change that means grass, dirt and tiny rocks find their way into our home on a continuous basis.  And legos are obviously mating because they are taking over every nook and cranny of this house.  And I have to wonder why I feel utterly compelled to have neatly made beds every single day but I could care less about mopping my kitchen floor?!  Oh yeah, and Easter's in a couple of weeks.  Probably should figure out what the Easter bunny is bringing.  And then Jackson's birthday is the following week.  Oh boy. And Karate twice a week.  And foolishly, in the midst of all of this, I'm refinishing my childhood dollhouse.  Just for fun.  'Cause I want to.

And that, is that.  Just keeping it real.  Maybe I'll upload a photo again one of these days.  Maybe.


Ali said...

hey! get off your own back! you don't owe anyone anything on this blog. you do what you want whenever the hell you want to!

i do wish you had some things to keep you busy, though... sorry life is so boring around there. (sarcasm intended. ;)

ROCK on with all your exciting business plans. much love.

(and mating Legos made me LOL.)

Tales from the Crib said...

mwwwwua! (that's a big old kiss from my blog to yours -- thanks for your sweet words!)