Thursday, April 28, 2011

bring your kids to work

Judging by the little girl taking my order at Daz Bog this morning it is Take Your Child To Work Day here in Colorado.  This leaves me with a bit of a dilemma.  Because, you know, they are my work.  Should I make them do laundry? Vacuum?  Meal plan?  RSVP to the next birthday party on the calendar?  Plan for the school fundraiser?  Answer emails from their teachers?  Clean their rooms (oh wait, I did make them do that this morning before school).... Or of course, I guess, I could take them on a photoshoot with me?  Except I don't have one scheduled, because I don't do that part of my job during the week because I'm being Mama.  And the one time I did take them on a photoshoot with me (yes, I did, with the client's blessing because he wanted the portraits done asap...) was a bit, well, hectic, to say the least.  But at the end of the day, they ARE my work.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in all the little things that make up my day I forget that they are what I'm doing it all for. That I did leave behind an entire past life for them - a career, a home in a different state, friendships, marriage without the added stress - because nothing, and I mean nothing, is more important than them.  Most days I fall into bed with utter exhaustion, and still manage to lie awake thinking of the 105 things I didn't get done in the day.  It is these little things that I didn't consider when I took up being a stay at home mama.  I thought of the love and hugs and giggles and stories and silly songs and all the goodness that gets wrapped up in a Mama's day.  But it is the little things -- the rsvp's to parties, the teacher emails, the school committees, the carpools, those are the  things that also make me a Mama.  They are my job, too.  They are the "work" part.  The love and hugs and stories and kisses, they are the easy part.  The work is the hard part.  But I wouldn't trade this job for all the money in the world.  And I'll gladly continue to "bring my kids to work" with me every  single day.

**Addendum: and to my friends/family who do hold down full time outside-the-house jobs AND manage all of the above as well, my proverbial hat is off to you because though I was only in your shoes for a year, I know how very hard that job is as well.**

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Erin Michelle said...

So well said Amy! And I can't believe you were able to do a photo shoot with your kids there. I can't even do a photo shoot OF my own kids =)