Saturday, April 16, 2011

House Rules

I have some new blog-love going on  -- Jones Design Company.  Emily is an uber-talented designer who is also a full time Mama to 4 darling kiddos and wears the cutest, most with-it outfits ever.  I sorta kinda want to be like her (except the 4 kids thing - I'm good with 2, for reals).  A couple of days ago she posted an adorable print of her house rules (which she sells on her site, btw) and I knew I had to copy it (sincerest form of flattery and all).

We have had a list of "house rules" up on our refrigerator for about a year now.  Last year I gathered the boys together and asked them to help me draw up our house rules.  I intended for it to be a fun way for us to establish, once and for all, the rules of our home.  The boys really got into it -- as you can tell from the last rule of the bunch (for the record, Uncle Al had just broken out in a poison-ivy rash a couple of days prior and obviously it left a strong impression on the boys).  On occasion when the boys are acting out I will proclaim "What house rule is being broken?!" It sort of (sometimes) breaks up a tantrum or an argument and helps restore peace and harmony to our home once again (again, sometimes, I make no claims that my house is in any way continuously peaceful and/or harmonious - let's get real here, ok?!).  So I took our tattered list of house rules and printed up a design similar to Emily's on my favorite papers.

And so, without further ado, I present...The House Rules:


The Mommy Therapy said...

This is adorable.

I would be embarrassed to even show you the ridiculous marker covered list of rules we have hanging around. I must do this!

Damn my lack of crafty skills. I had been thinking my use of different colored markers was really stepping up the rules a notch. Apparently not.

I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Tales from the Crib said...

Oh we had the same marker covered list as well - it was time to pretty it up! My handwriting skills are poor so the only way I could make it pretty was electronically! ha! Thanks for stopping by!

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