Monday, May 30, 2011


Yep, I'm feeling that word today.  Truly, utterly and absolutely lucky.  Because as up and down and all around as this little life of ours is, at the end of the day our blessings overflow.  I have a husband whom I love.  Boys who are dear and sweet and healthy and smart and kind.  A job that is fulfilling, creative, part time, and heck, actually pays me to do something I love.  I actually sorta believe that we make our own fate.  You think the Pacific Northwest is gonna just knock on your door one day and say "hey, come live here, meet your future spouse, buy a house, have a baby, find a career!"  Nope.  I made it happen that way.  Sort of. I mean, I got on a plane.  I planted a first kiss.  I signed a mortgage.  I pushed.  Those are things that came my way, sure, but I didn't sit back and wait for them to happen. I went after them.  And today I feel that, too.  Lucky.  But the luck I have goes back further than that.  A generation or two, really.  A mounted policeman catching the eye of a beautiful dark haired girl in British occupied Palestine.  A best man saying "nice to meet you" to the maid of honor at a wedding.  Those are my grandparents.  Their meetings were as kismet as my own meeting of my love.  And there's a lot of fate in there, and luck,  but there's also a lot of "I think I will smile back" or "I should giver a call."  That sort of thing.  That's luck. Fate.  Kismet.  That's going after what you want and making it happen.  THAT'S what it is all about.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank you Ms Char

Dear Ms Char
Thank you. My words to you can never be enough, but I will try.  Thank you for teaching not just one of our boys but both of them. As Holden's last day of preschool snuck up on me I realize what a great impact you have had on our family.  And especially this year for Holden.  Thank you for always sharing your smile and your kind heart.  Thank you for listening to him and understanding him and helping him through whatever he was going through - even when Mommy didn't understand.  Remember when he kept complaining that he got "dizzy" during clean up time? I thought that sounded like a little boy who didn't want to clean up, but not you.  You recognized his feelings and understood that clean up time did actually make him dizzy - he couldn't figure out what he was supposed to clean up so he's go from thing to thing in total confusion. You helped him figure out how to focus on one task at a time and he no longer is dizzy when he cleans up.  You respected him, and for that I thank you.  Thank your helping him love school, learning, playing and friendships.  Thank you for teaching him Zoophonics because with that lesson you have taught him how to read and by teaching him to read you have opened the world up to him.  Thank you for praising him always.  For redirecting him when he wasn't sure the best choice to make.  Thank you for showing him how a chrysalis becomes a butterfly.  Thank you for teaching him the word chrysalis.  Thank you for teaching him to love music, singing, dancing and rhyming.  Thank you for giving him boundaries.  Thank you for letting him explore.  Thank you for loving him almost as much as we do.  

And thank you, most of all, for pulling me aside today, and telling me how wonderful he is.  And not just him, but both of my boys.  And thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me I've done a good job with raising them.  That filled my heart with so much joy that you can't possibly understand, and on a day that I think I really needed to hear it.  You brought tears to my eyes, and not just in that moment, but all day today your words have echoed in my ears and filled me up.  Some days I truly desperately need to hear those words.  I think every mother does.  So thank you for that - I will hold onto it as a precious gift.  You have been a blessing not just to their lives but to mine as well.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wind Down

We're winding down the school year for both boys in the next couple of weeks.  One more week of preschool for little man H, and 2.5 more weeks for J-man.  Crazy to think -- I guess all Mamas say that - but seriously, weren't they just babies?!  I ran into a friend  from my old 'hood yesterday who moved about a year ago and she saw Holden and was astounded.  She still pictures him in his baby sling!  Honestly, so do I.  And yet he keeps talking about going to Pre-Kindergarten (at the same school he's currently at, so not a huge difference, but let's be clear - I get one more morning a week of free-time...and let's be clear again, by free-time I mean "catch up on stuff" time.)  He is suddenly starting to spell and read.  I still think of him so much as a "baby" that I was stunned to hear that he could spell and read.  When did that happen?? Oh, and thank you Ms. Char for teaching him that because I wasn't as vigilant with reading to him as I was the first kiddo.  He's the softy of the two boys but he's starting to assert himself in ways that he never has before.  He's going to have to to keep up with that big brother of his...

And don't get my started on 2nd grade for Jackson.  Seriously!?!?  He's so grown up it slays me.  The other day he cleaned his room without me asking.  And that is HUGE because this kid is m.e.s.s.y.  He has so many teeny-tiny toys that clutter his room to no end. But he cleaned it up, by himself, without me asking/begging/pleading/threatening/crying.  He's moved on from his beloved Magic Treehouse books to Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  Wha?!?  He told me last night's dinner (fish, tomatoes and risotto) was the best ever.   I almost don't recognize him.  He's lost all traces of baby-hood.  Not an ounce of fat on his skinny body - all muscle and skin.  He's ridiculously strong, and I fear for the day he knocks his brother into next week, literally.

Lots to do in the next few weeks - end of school picnics, hikes, parties, etc.  Then on to summer.  Grandpa is visiting from Buffalo for 2 weeks in June -- we're all so excited to see him; it's been too long.  Shawn and I are heading to Cabo in July to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  CAN'T wait for that!  I'm anxious about leaving the boys but they'll have both of their doting grandmas on hand, and honestly, 5 days of solo time with my love sounds really really nice right about now.  We'll sprinkle our summer with trips to the pool, the zoo, museums, a Rockies game or 2, ice-cream, water balloon fights, and whatever else we can come up with.  It's gonna be a rocking time!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Thursday, May 05, 2011


Oh my.  How in the WORLD did that happen???

I love you my sweet, wonderful, smart, intense, talented, thoughtful, focused, karate-choppping, book-reading, bike-riding, lego-playing, story-writing little man!  You rocked our world 7 years ago on this very day, and continue to do so on a daily basis.  You are the sun, the moon and the stars and you are very, very loved.
Happy 7th birthday Jackson!


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