Monday, May 30, 2011


Yep, I'm feeling that word today.  Truly, utterly and absolutely lucky.  Because as up and down and all around as this little life of ours is, at the end of the day our blessings overflow.  I have a husband whom I love.  Boys who are dear and sweet and healthy and smart and kind.  A job that is fulfilling, creative, part time, and heck, actually pays me to do something I love.  I actually sorta believe that we make our own fate.  You think the Pacific Northwest is gonna just knock on your door one day and say "hey, come live here, meet your future spouse, buy a house, have a baby, find a career!"  Nope.  I made it happen that way.  Sort of. I mean, I got on a plane.  I planted a first kiss.  I signed a mortgage.  I pushed.  Those are things that came my way, sure, but I didn't sit back and wait for them to happen. I went after them.  And today I feel that, too.  Lucky.  But the luck I have goes back further than that.  A generation or two, really.  A mounted policeman catching the eye of a beautiful dark haired girl in British occupied Palestine.  A best man saying "nice to meet you" to the maid of honor at a wedding.  Those are my grandparents.  Their meetings were as kismet as my own meeting of my love.  And there's a lot of fate in there, and luck,  but there's also a lot of "I think I will smile back" or "I should giver a call."  That sort of thing.  That's luck. Fate.  Kismet.  That's going after what you want and making it happen.  THAT'S what it is all about.

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