Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best. Daddy. Ever.

Thank you my love. For always being there for me, and for our boys.  Thank you for always alternating diaper changes (whew, aren't you glad those days are behind us?).  And midnight feedings.  Thank you for playing Pokemon, and Star Wars, and pretend camp outs.  Thank you for showing our boys respect.  Thank you for being the calm when I'm a storm.  Thank you for sharing in everything, and often times taking on more than your share.  Thank you for giving me my Pentax and helping me realize my future.  Thank you for encouraging me and supporting me and never doubting me.  Thank you for the up times and the down times.  There's always both, with any partnership, but thank you for making the ups outweigh the downs, and always making sure we can laugh.  Thank you for giving me the softer pillows when we travel.  Thank you for travel. Thank you for mowed lawns, repaired computers, washed dishes, and a million other things that make life complicated.  Thank you for Jackson.  And Holden.  And the one we lost.  Thank you for letting our boys have a full time parent with them always.  Thank you for being a wonderful son to your parents.  And a wonderful son-in-law to mine.  Thank you for knowing lots and lots of things.  Thank you for saying thank you.  Thank you for respecting my full time job and my part time job.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for being fair, honest, and trustworthy.  Thank you for showing our boys what a good father is.  Happy Father's Day to the best one I know.  It is corny and cliche but it is true - YOU make me a better Mama.  I love you.


Ali said...

beautifully said, amy.

Tales from the Crib said...

I know you have one, too, Ali - lucky gals we are!

saiphyn said...

Choked on tears here. Well said. I was out camping with my honey for Father's Day, but I think I'll drop a message on the mirror (the Crayola window crayons are AWESOME) and tell him how much I appreciate him in writing!