Wednesday, July 20, 2011


oh yeah, Shawn and I went to Mexico - Cabo to be exact - to celebrate 10 years of weddedness.  How crazy is that??? Honestly, it was the best vacation of our lives and here's why:

  1. All inclusive resort on a gorgeous, pristine beach
  2. I didn't have to get juice or milk or water (or snacks or lunch or wipe bottoms or answer 20 questions or wake up at the crack of dawn) for 5 beautiful full days (ok, except the morning we left when my alarm went off at 5:02 am)!
  3. All inclusive means ALL INCLUSIVE.  We ate amazing meals, drank fabulous drinks, and over indulged in everything!
  4. Parasailing for the first time, and definitely not the last
  5. Couples massage in their incredibly posh spa
  6. Exclusive dinner for two on the beach - I mean, seriously, doesn't get more pampering than that.  Did I mention the full moon?!
  7. Cabo Wabo and The Office
  8. Peace. Quiet. Solitude.
  9. Sleeping in
  10. Napping
  11. Did I mention it was all inclusive?
  12. Dirty Monkeys, and I don't mean primates (it's a beverage, look it up)
  13. Drink service, on the beach
  14. Napping
  15. One bedroom suite bigger than our first 2 apartments in Seattle
  16. International data charges meant no phones or email or internet - utter peace
  17. Seafood!
  18. Pina Coladas
  19. Jacuzzi bath for two (hush yo' mouth!)
  20. Little treats on our pillows every evening
  21. Oh yeah and uninterrupted conversations with my sweetheart from the minute we left home (5:43AM) to the minute we returned home (12:57AM).  Snuggling.  Laughing.  Remembering why it is we are "we" in the first place.
I love you Schmoop.  Thank you for an incredible 10(+) years together, and the trip of a lifetime.  And thank you for those all too sweet little boys I couldn't wait to smoosh on as soon as we got home, too! 


Adam said...

Yeah! I'm glad you had such a good time! It sounds lovely.

saiphyn said...

That sounds so magical. Glad it was wonderful!