Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love this boy so very much.  He gets left behind a lot.  Not literally of course, he's always with me, but he's always dragged from one place to the next -- taking Jackson to school or karate or to a playmate; with me to the post office, the thrift store to search for props, meetings at school, coffee dates with friends, etc.  He's so affable most of the time, too.  In 2 weeks he starts Pre-K and I'm so ready for him to have his "thing" to go to.  I was blessed by his calm and his sweetness and his ease at adapting.  I hope the same holds true when school starts up.  In a blink he's a big boy and ready to forge his own way.  Bring it on little man!

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zjoeynosmom said...

Your boys are so adorable. I have felt the same way about Olivia for some time now. Her older brother (8) plays football which takes up a lot of our time. She is just always along for the ride. She recently started all day Kinder & I am signing her up for dance tomorrow! I am so thrilled for her to have "her" thing:)