Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anatomy of our day..

7:15 wake, breakfast for little ones and coffee for me.  Shower, dress everyone for school, argue wardrobe choices, brush teeth, sort out shoes and backpacks and snacks, hit the road
8:30 drop off J at REMS
9:00 drop off H at Pre-K
9:15 receive text asking for volunteer help at J's school
9:20 Starbucks iced grande Americano with room
9:26 REMS volunteer hours for fundraising committee
9:55 Take client call while breaking from fundraising group
11:30 Leave fundraising group to pick up H
12:00 Take H to lunch with 7 of his buddies...slightly chaotic
12:50 Race out of lunch to pick up J from his Wednesday 1/2 day at REMS
1:15 Boys at home, work on homework with J.  Be thankful he's a quick learn and doesn't need a ton of help with his homework
1:30 Prep pot roast and veggies for dinner; make dessert, too... not a typical dinner but wanted to try a new recipe for all of the above
2:15 Return client calls, emails, curse my iPhone for an unfortunate auto-correct fail and be thankful for a client who can laugh when my phone autocorrects  poorly.
2:55 Take boys to Lisa's to play and finish up a session edit and packaging, return client emails
4:00 Take J and his buddy to Karate
4:30 Get gas while boys at Karate ($58 for gas, ugh)
4:50 Do a little Photoshop editing / work while boys are Karate-chopping
5:20 Bring boys home, prep for mini-dinner party, pop some Proseco
5:30 Dinner with the Weik's.  Killer pot roast
7:30 Clean up dinner, wish our guests well, send kids to get ready for bed with Daddy.
8:00 Kisses all around and overall thanks for a relatively stress and drama-free bedtime
8:15 More work emails, facebook check in for work and personal
8:38 Write this blog post
Stick a fork in me. I'm done.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Never easy

Tonight Jackson and I fought.  This isn't something new.  We have fought since birth, really, in some way or another.  Fighting sleep.  Fighting breastfeeding.  Fighting going to bed, staying in bed, jumping on the bed.  We have fought big and we have fought small.  It's words.  Arguments.  Heated discussions.  Talking back.  Sass mouthing.  Refusing to cooperate.  He has taken to calling me "Weirdo!" when he's angry -the only words he can seem to summon that will strike at my core.  I tell him he has no respect.  I become angrier, he pounds the wall, I storm off.  Mature? no.  And I'm talking about me.  We are too much alike, truth be told.  I can be just as stubborn as he is.  He can be just as dramatic as I am.  His eyes flame with frustration and so do mine.  I tell him "you are reading alone tonight!" because it is all I can flounder to come up with as a form of consequence.  He cries and yells louder.  I fell on the verge of tears, my frustration at a boiling point.  We both go off to our separate corners to cool down, take deep breaths, and remember what's at heart.  Our love for each other.  He takes to his book and I finish up some work.  Still a rule follower at heart, he yells down to me at 8:15 that he's going to bed.  I yell up to him goodnight. Our anger is forgotten.  I head upstairs to kiss and hug.  We nuzzle and hug and I tell him I'm sorry we fought.  He says the same.  I tell him I love him so much.  He says the same. I tell him he has to respect me, that he can't call me names or be ugly.  He nods his head - he knows this.  He's a good, a great kid.  Truly.  I tell him I know it isn't easy being 7-1/2.  He agrees. I tell him sometimes it isn't easy being 37-1/2 either.  He agrees.  I tell him no matter how much we may argue I'll always be his mama. I'll always love him.  And I'll always kiss him good night.  He agrees.  Our hearts are mended.

It is never easy.  Parenting is hard. I often wonder how people who are younger do it.  Or people who may not have coping skills.  I wonder and hope and pray that my boys grow up happy, secure, comfortable.  This boy, my Jackson, he is the first human being that I immediately and completely adored from the moment we met with absolute unconditional love.  I hope he always feels that.

Friday, September 09, 2011

So this happened...

A helicopter came by Jackson's school yesterday and dropped several hundred bandanas down to the kids for their bootcamp fundraiser today.  We didn't have to sell cookies or wrapping paper or magazines or anything else, the kids just asked their family and closest friends to sponsor them for 1 solid hour of physical activity.  Another reason I'm so glad he is at school where he is.  It is unique, fun, and has the motto of "no child left inside."  The kids learn by doing, and there is a sense of pride and accomplishment with everything they do...even fundraising.

When Jackson was a baby we used to visit the park across he street from REMS.  He was about 15 months old as they were building it and he would watch the bulldozers and cranes working away.  He loved anything construction.  Little did I know that 4 years later I'd be jumping for joy when he made the lottery into this public choice school.  It is not our neighborhood school. I drive 10 minutes to get him there each morning.  But there's more sense of "crew" in this school than any other school I've seen.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


This kid started school today.  Pre-K to be exact.  It was a morning of mixed emotions.  He didn't want to get out of bed.  He didn't want to get dressed.  He did both begrudgingly.  Then he ate dry cereal and brushed his toofers.  He sweetly and happily posed for pictures in front of the house (a tradition).  He waved good-bye to his brother who kindly wished him a good day.  I then commented that it was chilly out and he proceeded to whine that he didn't like chili as a snack and school was not going to be fun, especially if he had to eat chili.  I tried to explain chilly as the weather, not the food.  He was beyond it.  He cried.  He whined.  Then his buddy Cullen showed up.  Holden's face lit up.  He happily walked into Ms Mindy's colorful classroom with his favorite buddy and all was right with the world.  He didn't even say goodbye to me.  Seriously, not a passing glance.  Neither of us weeped.  In fact, no mama or daddy there was weeping.  We all congregated for a few minutes discussing our summers and who had who for a teacher.  Then Cullen's mama Leslie and I went for coffee and a shopping date at our favorite antique store.  We had a morning off for the first time in a long while.  It was delightful.  And when I picked little man up he was all smiles and oh so grown up looking.  Life is pretty sweet if you're 4-almost-5 and your best friend is in your class at school and your teacher is pretty and you get to have rainbow goldfish crackers and pretzels (and NOT chili) for snack.

Monday, September 05, 2011


For the 2nd year in a row we hit up Elitch Gardens in downtown Denver for a labor day extravaganza.  Ok, maybe not "extravaganza" but a whole lotta fun!  It wasn't crowded, it wasn't hot, there was hardly any time spent in lines, no one fought or argued, everyone got to ride whatever they wanted (and let me say, Jackson is a complete dare-devil!), and eat what they wanted.  At one point I turned to Shawn and proclaimed: "This is better than Christmas!"  And you know, it was.