Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anatomy of our day..

7:15 wake, breakfast for little ones and coffee for me.  Shower, dress everyone for school, argue wardrobe choices, brush teeth, sort out shoes and backpacks and snacks, hit the road
8:30 drop off J at REMS
9:00 drop off H at Pre-K
9:15 receive text asking for volunteer help at J's school
9:20 Starbucks iced grande Americano with room
9:26 REMS volunteer hours for fundraising committee
9:55 Take client call while breaking from fundraising group
11:30 Leave fundraising group to pick up H
12:00 Take H to lunch with 7 of his buddies...slightly chaotic
12:50 Race out of lunch to pick up J from his Wednesday 1/2 day at REMS
1:15 Boys at home, work on homework with J.  Be thankful he's a quick learn and doesn't need a ton of help with his homework
1:30 Prep pot roast and veggies for dinner; make dessert, too... not a typical dinner but wanted to try a new recipe for all of the above
2:15 Return client calls, emails, curse my iPhone for an unfortunate auto-correct fail and be thankful for a client who can laugh when my phone autocorrects  poorly.
2:55 Take boys to Lisa's to play and finish up a session edit and packaging, return client emails
4:00 Take J and his buddy to Karate
4:30 Get gas while boys at Karate ($58 for gas, ugh)
4:50 Do a little Photoshop editing / work while boys are Karate-chopping
5:20 Bring boys home, prep for mini-dinner party, pop some Proseco
5:30 Dinner with the Weik's.  Killer pot roast
7:30 Clean up dinner, wish our guests well, send kids to get ready for bed with Daddy.
8:00 Kisses all around and overall thanks for a relatively stress and drama-free bedtime
8:15 More work emails, facebook check in for work and personal
8:38 Write this blog post
Stick a fork in me. I'm done.

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Adam said...

oh my lord. clearly, i do absolutely nothing with my days! you have my utmost respect.