Wednesday, September 07, 2011


This kid started school today.  Pre-K to be exact.  It was a morning of mixed emotions.  He didn't want to get out of bed.  He didn't want to get dressed.  He did both begrudgingly.  Then he ate dry cereal and brushed his toofers.  He sweetly and happily posed for pictures in front of the house (a tradition).  He waved good-bye to his brother who kindly wished him a good day.  I then commented that it was chilly out and he proceeded to whine that he didn't like chili as a snack and school was not going to be fun, especially if he had to eat chili.  I tried to explain chilly as the weather, not the food.  He was beyond it.  He cried.  He whined.  Then his buddy Cullen showed up.  Holden's face lit up.  He happily walked into Ms Mindy's colorful classroom with his favorite buddy and all was right with the world.  He didn't even say goodbye to me.  Seriously, not a passing glance.  Neither of us weeped.  In fact, no mama or daddy there was weeping.  We all congregated for a few minutes discussing our summers and who had who for a teacher.  Then Cullen's mama Leslie and I went for coffee and a shopping date at our favorite antique store.  We had a morning off for the first time in a long while.  It was delightful.  And when I picked little man up he was all smiles and oh so grown up looking.  Life is pretty sweet if you're 4-almost-5 and your best friend is in your class at school and your teacher is pretty and you get to have rainbow goldfish crackers and pretzels (and NOT chili) for snack.

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saiphyn said...

ROTFL. That's fantastic! I'm two years away from having my baby go to pre-school, but it's wonderful to hear the stories. I'm glad the day was fun filled. I remember my first days in school and the energy of the kids and the teacher usually wiped the fear right out of my mind. I was SO afraid of school and the newness, but the teachers make it SO fun and inviting.
What a relief for you to have a day off. Congrats on that. I hope the rest of the school year is smooth too!