Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yep, I made something

It has been a LONG long time since I was crafty for the sake of just being crafty. Not something for my business. Not something for the kids' school.  Not for holiday or birthday gifts.  Just "over indulgent hey I wanna make something funky" crafty.  As it happens every January business slows down a bit, I find time to breathe, I feel a need to write, organize, read good books, cook, and craft.  I find the need to put some me back into my life.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm the luckiest woman alive in what I get to do with my every day life - I'm home with my boys and have a career that I created and can tailor to our family needs, and have a husband who supports all of the above.  So yeah, I'm a lucky duck.  But August through December is brutal around here. Work and the boys pretty much take over and doesn't leave a lot of time for me to explore my crafty side.

So here's my latest craft.  We drink a lot of wine in this house, and with that comes lots of corks.  I save the corks in a large vase just for looks.  But I was wanting a new jewelry box (my past jewelry box was a shoebox covered with fabric), but I didn't want to pay for it.  I scoured pinterest (my new addiction) for some fun ideas and threw a few ideas together to come up with the below project which uses up some of our many corks AND creates jewelry storage as well.  I'm so happy with how it turned out, and best of all it was FREE!  Gotta love free!

Drawer (this was from the boys' dismantled train table)
Corks (lots of them)
Jenga blocks (I took 10 of them  -they'll never miss 'em)
Black paint
Glue Sticks

I first painted the drawer black.  After it dried I created a cork pattern, putting the champagne corks upright to I could hang necklaces, and the other corks were laid flat in a random pattern.  I then used the Jenga blocks to create little cubbies at the bottom of the drawer. Glued everything into place with hot glue. Turned the drawer upright and loaded up my jewelry collection. Earrings can stick into the cork or go into the little cubbies.  Necklaces and bracelets can hang from the champagne corks.  Rings can go on top or in the cubbies.  You could hang it from a wall but I just put it on a shelf in our closet.  I don't have a ton of jewelry so it doesn't take up much room - you could go with a bigger drawer if you had a lot of gems.

Forgive the quality. I just grabbed my iPhone for these captures.  Maybe this whole thing will inspire me to pay a little bit more attention to this blog vs. my business one (which is undergoing a transformation this month, too!)!


saiphyn said...

I'm so happy to hear from you again! Yay! You're such an inspiration! Your last story was encouraging. And now, you pull off a great repurposing. I love to see things recycled like this and it makes me wish I hadn't just taken a similar drawer to the dump....

The Mommy Therapy said...

Very cool! I just sucked it up and bought a new jewelry box out of desperation...this makes my out pouring of cash look pathetic.

It's awesome you got to do something fun just for you. Enjoy!

Tales from the Crib said...

:-) It was very satisfying to make it from stuff I had on hand, but there are definitely times I just shell out the cash for something that fits the job immediately!

HollyJ said...

I was scrolling thru as I wanted to leave a comment after reading your post w/faux canvas and afew others-I asked myself "Are those Jenga Blocks" HAHAH! I love it!!
Anyway, sidetrack Sally here-My Auntie Peggy (yes, I call her Auntie!!) lives in Castle Rock; and we try and make it out once a year; I did my internship in Littleton. we will have to plan ahead to set up a "destination" photo session-your work is fab!
Love from Minnesota!

playmobil specials said...

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Elena said...

congrats for your blogs.
I've been reading your blog and watching your pic and both are fantastic.
Actually,I don't know how I arrived to your blog, it was one of these days you go from one to another and, in the end, you don't remember what were you looking for. Anyway, it was a good end :)
By the way, I live in Spain and I must confess it's a good way to keep my English alive.